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9600 Baud TNC Information (Preliminary)

The following information was contributed by AMSAT members who reported success using these modems to receive Echo telemetry. The web team would like to also acknowledge those who sent in information.

Name Manufacturer Firmware Rev. Options Needed Contributor Comments
KPC 9612 Kantronics 7.0 None W0EEC Comments
MFJ-1270 MFJ Enterprises 1.2.5 MFJ-9600 G3RUH Daughterboard WA4SXM Comments
MFJ-1278 MFJ Enterprises 3.4 MFJ-9600 G3RUH Daughterboard W0EEC Comments
DSP-2232 AEA Timewave   None WA4SCA Comments
PK-900 AEA Timewave   9600 baud Daughterboard KB0JQO Comments
Spirit 2 PacComm 5.0.0 None K3VDB Comments
TNC3S Symek   FSK9600-D board (Standard) VE3EMA Comments
EVM-RI TAPR (Motorola) None  G3RUH 9600 Baud Code N8MH  
DSP-12 LL Grace GCE V2.0 None WA4SXM Comments

Kantronics KPC-9612 Comments

  1. TLMEcho encounters a GPF on exit. May need to manually take the KPC out of KISS mode.
  2. To take the KPC out of KISS mode send a byte string 0xC0, 0xFF, 0xC0 to the TNC.


MFJ-1270 Comments

  1. At command prompt, type:
    • mode vp,2400 (invokes 9600 baud mode)
    • kiss on
    • restart
  2. Baud rate set by DIP switch
  3. G3RUH daughterboard no longer available


MFJ-1278 Comments

  1. At command prompt, type:
    • mode vp,2400 (invokes 9600 baud mode)
    • kiss on
  2. TlmEcho may hang TNC after running.  Does not seem to affect the pass data. Bug reported to MFJ.
  3. G3RUH daughterboard no longer available.

DSP-2232 Comments

  1. Select Modem 18 for Radio Port 1, Modem 28 for Radio Port 2.
    • Select TNC type as TAPR in CPBINI.txt.
    • Select KISS INIT and KISS OFF as Y, but see below.
  2. The current version of TLMECHO will place the unit into KISS mode correctly. It will not take it out of KISS mode on exit, and gives a program error message. No harm done, however.
  3. To place the DSP-2232 in KISS mode manually, enter KISS ON. To remove it from KISS mode, start your favorite terminal program. Wait a few seconds, then three CTRL-Cs in quick succession. It should return to the command prompt.
  4. Since I use the DSP-2232 only for 9600 baud, I just leave it in KISS mode with the KISS commands commented out in the configuration file.

PK-900 Comments

  1. In TlmEcho you must have init n and manually place the tnc into kiss mode (kiss on) otherwise, it sends the command reset which resets the tnc to its total default configuration.

Spirit 2 Comments

  1. Recommend removing jumper BB to restore defaults on power off
  2. Ready for 38k4 baud

TNC3S Comments

  1. Modem is set for TNC2 in CPBINI.

DSP-12 Comments

  1. At command prompt, type:
    • kiss on
    • restart
  2. Set to default to Mode F, 9600 bps

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