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IHU-3 Open Source Documentation

Some documents have been replaced by newer versions. If you see a document you want that has no link you will probably find it on the new IHU3 Web page here.

Documents | Source Code

Document Title Author Date
IHU-3 Programmer's Reference   January 2005
IHU-3 Rev-2 Schematic   February 2005
CAN-82857 Architectural Overview Intel Corp. July 2004
CAN-82857 Specification Update Intel Corp. August 2004
CTR2-12 Ripple Counter Schematic   August 2003
EDAC and Decode Schematic   October 2004
DIV3125 Divider Schematic   August 2003
FLASHADR Schematic   August 2003
Interfacing an Intel386TM EX to an 82527 CAN Controller Intel Corp. January 1996
MAX1265/MAX1267 ADC Datasheet Maxim Corp April 2003
MAX5102 dual 8-bit DAC Datasheet Maxim Corp November 1999
PN127F Datasheet   August 2003
PN127W Datasheet   August 2003
Watchdog Timer Datasheet   November 2004
IHU-3 Open Source Code
IHU-3 Boot Code Bob McGwier August 2005
IHU-3 IPS Start Code Bob McGwier August 2005

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