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NOTE: The Eagle project has been terminated by the AMSAT Board because no affordable launch opportunity could be found and ITAR regulations made it almost impossible to work with our international AMSAT partners on this ambitious project. Thus, the Eaglepedia engine has been shut down and the fund raising for this project has been halted. This page is maintained only as a placeholder.

EaglePedia is the Eagle Satellite Documentation Project - an open source approach to satellite construction. EaglePedia is used by the Eagle Developers to document the design, construction and status of Eagle subsystems and components. EaglePedia is now open to all AMSAT members to visit to learn about the project, the people behind the project and the technologies that are being incorporated into the design.

EaglePedia Entry Points of Interest

is the primary entry point for finding information in EaglePedia. The following quick-entry points will also bring you to pages we think will also help you locate information in EaglePedia:

  • About Project Eagle - This page will give you an general definition of Eagle with some historical documents
  • Eagle Functional Requirements - This describes what features are being designed into Eagle
  • The Eagle Project Index - The Project Index is a hierarchical view of Eagle components and team structure
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KK7P's IHU3 Files

The IHU3 Web page and IHU3 files previously hosted at KK7P's web site are now here on the AMSAT Eagle site

Discover AMSAT OSCAR - Eagle

Eagle Build Campaign
AMSAT OSCAR - Eagle is the next generation high earth orbit satellite under construction now by AMSAT North America. Eagle will provide many services and reliable communications on bands previously not available, and will build upon technology developed by AMSAT-NA for use in P3E. Eagle is currently in the development stage, though major components are finished (and installed on P3E) and other components such as the software defined transponder have been demonstrated.


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