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Finding Information on the AMSAT Website

One of the primary goals when designing the new website was to make information easy to find, and keep the information up to date. This means that over 1500 existing web pages needed to be reviewed, reformatted and quality checked to correct broken links and missing images. We think it was worth the effort. 

The Navigator

The Navigator is actually a set of tools with a common codebase that locates documents and lists them out by the article title. You can access them from the main menu from anywhere in the site.

When you press the navigator you will be sent to a page that presents three options:

You can also move to the original AMSAT website from here, and in the future we will have some additional tools to help you.

Navigating Current Articles

Browsing through current articles (articles that are less than 6 months old) couldn't have gotten easier. All the articles are listed by title and author, with a date indicating when the article was posted onto the site. Just click on the title and you are there! And if that isn't easy enough, you can return by clicking on the Return button in the right side of the Top Menu.

Navigating the Archives

When we approached how to handle the Archives it at first seemed to be a challenge.  How do we preserve the past and move into the future. Again, we used the core Navigator code to solve the problem. Browsing through the Archives just got simplier. as we have organized the archives into a hierarchical list that can be easily browsed.

When you click on the link you will see a list of article "Collections" or folders that correspond to the subject matter as it was on the original website. When you click on a collection - as in this example the Articles collection was selected, it will bring up a list of collections of articles, and any individual articles in that folder. Clicking on G3RUH, for example, will bring up more articles (written by James Miller G3RUH) which may or may not include other collections.

Searching Using Google

Like the original AMSAT website, the new site also has a Google search available to find information. One note - it will take time for Google to update it's database so for a while you will probably be directed to information in the original site.  But over time, as Google re-indexes the site, new information will appear.

Going to the Original Website

During the Beta test period the original website still resides at http://www.amsat.org. From the newly designed website you will find a link at the bottom of the Launch Pad main page. This will probably never change though the address might.

Share your feedback!

We've worked very hard to make the transition to the new website smooth, but we are sure that there will be some issues that might arise. We hope you will share your experiences and feedback with us through the contact form.

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