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How to Navigate the AMSAT Website

We hope that we have optimized the navigation through the AMSAT website and that the user experience is intuitive and easy. Menus have been added to popular areas of the site both on the main page and across the top of each page you visit. Here is a brief description of what you will see:

The Main Page Menu

The main page menu is located on the left side of the Launch Pad main page to the left of The Latest News in light blue. If you move your mouse cursor over one of the menu items you will see that the cursor changes shape and the text becomes underlined. This indicates that your click will activate the menu and take you to that page.

The Top Menu

The top menu is located just below the page banner and is designed to give you access to other parts of the site quickly, and to return to the Launch Pad from anywhere in the site. On the left side of the Top Menu you will see links to the Launch Pad, the article Navigator, Satellite information, and a link for membership in AMSAT. When you move your mouse cursor over one of these "buttons" you will see the background color change to indicate you are hovering over the link and that a mouse click will activate it.

On the right side of the Top Menu you will will see links to the latest news from the AMSAT News Service, a link to the AMSAT Online Store, and a link to the "Members Only" section of the site which we have affectionally dubbed "Area 51". There is also a link to the contact form so you are just a click away from sending AMSAT a message.

On pages subordinate to the Lauch Pad main page, you will see this menu change slightly. We've added a "Return" button that when clicked takes you back to the next highest page in the site hierarchy without having to use the browser "back" button.

Locating Specific Information

We on the web team know how important it is to locate information quickly, so we've built several tools to take the place of the old AMSAT A-Z page. Please see the "Finding Information" page for more information on those features.

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