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Contributing to the AMSAT Website

The website is a portal of information however the real source of information comes from the members of AMSAT in the field. Whether it be contributing information about your AMSAT afflilated club, or helping us by submitting updated information about existing site articles, you can help. Volunteers are always welcome!

Submitting Articles to the AMSAT Website

AMSAT has procedures to handle contributions such as ongoing columns, articles and features that are generally automatic. Individual stories, columns and small articles can generally be posted as soon as they are uploaded by a contributor. Larger articles consisting of 30 or more files should be submitted to the web team.

Here are the guidelines for authoring pages on AMSAT. While we will try to be as flexible as possible, our goal is to preserve the look and feel.  The site has a master CSS heirarchy that will be substituted when your document is converted.

When you submit a document our conversion tools will generally convert the pages with 100% accuracy:

  1. Short articles and ongoing columns can be written online using our Story Editor. If you plan on submitting short articles or columns contact the web team for access to our administrative tools section.
  2. Articles may be authored in text or plain HTML, plain HTML being preferred.
  3. You may use Microsoft editing tools however it may not render correctly as the styles will be not permitted to overrule the master style sheet. If you sign up as a contributor we will furnish you information about the style sheet.
  4. Images may be JPEG (.jpg), GIF (.gif) or PNG (.png) and should be no wider than 760 pixels. Please optimize files as much as possible so they will load quickly on slower connections. A good tutorial on this subject is available from HTMLSource.
  5. Adobe Acrobat PDF files are acceptable for presentations and manuscripts and we encourage authors of Powerpoint presentations to use this. The Acrobat Reader is free, and the file size can be optimized. If you need to produce PDF files consider and cannot afford the Acrobat software package consider PDFCreator program that will run on most platforms.
  6. If you submit a PDF File, you should generally author an HTML abstract (call it index.html) that links to the PDF file. This will provide a preview and will allow non-PDF index programs to index the contribution.

Submitting News Articles

Most news happens in the field, and everyone who is a member of AMSAT is encouraged to be a AMSAT News Service (ANS) field reporter. So if important news happens in your area, please submit an article. While ANS can make no guarantee your article will be published they will do their best if the article is related to amateur satellites and is timely.

News Articles may be submitted to the ANS using the Contact Form.

Submitting Software Files

Software files for the FTP site are posted at the discretion of the Web team. Please use the Contact Form to make a request to post files and for file transfer instructions.

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