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How to Report Website Issues

Reporting issues about the new website couldn't be easier! We've included a link to our bug reporting system on every page in the lower left corner:

When you click the link, you will launch the bug reporting form in a separate window.  That way we won't interrupt your browsing experience.

In the form you will our "no bugs" logo so you can tell you are in the correct place. You will see that we have already captured the page where you clicked the bug issue link, and we have recorded the browser information your browser sends to the webserver. No other information about you is collected without your knowledge. If you have privacy concerns, please refer to the AMSAT website Privacy Policy.

Please note that if this information is not filled in, you may have it blocked by a firewall. You then have to enter the information in by hand.

We then request that you provide your name, email address and a short description of the bug. This will enable us to get back to you if there are any questions we have about the report. Normally the web team will not contact you, but you will have an opportunity to indicate you would like an update when the bug is fixed. In some cases we will contact you if we need you to verify the fix once it has been installed on the site.

One of the most important fields on the page is the "Issue Type" field. This helps us to prioritize our work and fix critical issues before moving on to issues that are minor in nature. You can see the choices on the right. If you don't see the exact description of your issue, simply select Other and give us an explaination in the "Additional Information" field.

If you are the original author of the page, please let us know, particularly if you have updates available. Also there is a checkbox to request a reply.

After you submit the bug form your report will be sent to the web team. With the initial launch of a site as large as the AMSAT website we anticipate there will be lots of reports, so please be patient. We will address issues in the order they are received and the priority assigned to them.

If you have new articles please do not use the bug form to contact the web team as they will not be routed to the appropriate engineer. Please use the normal contact form for that purpose.

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