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To use this AMSAT feature you have to authorize us to set Session Cookies so that we can authorization information. Without Session cookies, the features and it's servers have no memory of what you are purchasing as you move from page to page.

A session cookie is like a memo pad, however unlike permanent cookies session cookies only exist for the period of time you are using the store, and are not permanently saved. We do not share session cookies with any other website, and if you close your browser they are destroyed.

If you do not have session cookies enabled you can choose to accept session cookies by changing the settings in your browser. Here is how to control session cookies in Internet Explorer 6. For other browsers please consult the information in your browser provider's documentation.

Click on "Tools" on the menu bar and then "Internet Options..."

Then click on the "Privacy" tab

Then click on "Advanced..." button

Then check the "Always allow session cookies". AMSAT does not require the use of permanent First party or Third-parties and will never set them without your permission.

After you have enabled the checkbox "Always allow session cookies" click the "OK" button to close the Advanced Privacy Settings dialog, then click the "OK" button in the Internet Options dialog again to close that dialog box.

You may have to restart your browser for this setting to take effect.

In order to restart your browser, just close it and revisit the AMSAT website to continue!

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